Instructors Master Jose L. Zapata (L) Sensei Josué A. Garcia


At Ocala Karate Club we believe in traditional martial values and virtues in observance of Bushido for moral character development and discipline of the mind, body and spirit.

Many fighters today elevate pride, ego, selfishness and praise above honor, humility, duty and respect.

As mixed martial artists we understand both the value of warrior spirit and the virtue of traditional martial discipline as cultivated through the process of orthodox training.

This warrior ethos of balance within Japanese Budō or "Way of War" truly lasts a lifetime.  

Our goal? The creation an upright balanced fighter without the watering down of moral and ethical tradition or the essence of legitimate martial technique. 

About us

Specializing in Kyokushin Budō kai Karate and ITF Taekwon-Do, our system of traditional martial arts combines the out-fighting principals and Bunkai of Traditional Taekwondo with the in-fighting principals of Knockdown Karate and Judo creating a respected and formidable mixed martial arts  standup system while observing the traditional core values associated with the warrior ethos of Japanese Bushido. 

Membership includes 4 hours of weekly intense and informative training with our experienced instructors! Middle, High School and adults only. Full contact. Judogi and mouthpiece required.

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2801 SW 20th Street

Ocala, Florida


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